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Your Thriving Rite




   This is my story: I have reinvented myself many times on this journey of life. I am self-taught in massage, and I had clients when licensing was not even a thought. I am a   Reiki 1 and 2 for over 15 years. I attended SUNY at Stony Brook and, I have dappled in stand-up comedy. I have held all sorts of inside, and outside sales positions, and along the way, I was certified as a Dental Assistant, and worked in that field. I also drove a mini-school bus for autistic children, and I had my own business as a Party Planner. I became a New York State Health Insurance agent in 2014. In that same year I found out I had Cancer.

And then… I became a Cancer Conqueror, (as opposed to a Cancer Survivor).

Cancer was a gift to me, it changed me. Emotionally, and spiritually…it changed me.… I grew by miles, it made me stronger,…it changed me, and it reminded me why I was really here; it reminded me of my purpose. It put me back on my path to explore energy healing modalities, something I was always drawn to.  And, I began to Meditate.

It took me 7 months after my initial recovery phase, to be strong enough to go back to work as an insurance agent; and then 3 more months after returning to this work to discover that I was working against my grain, the very core of who I really was. My inner voice was screaming at me to get out... to let it go. “I knew I was supposed to stay in the health field, just not in the insurance end of it.” And so I listened. I left that career.

As I continued to reinforce the gratitude I had for the fact that I was still standing on this earth, I began to delve into all that interested me on a metaphysical and quantum physics level.….. I started to create and write my own visually guided meditations, with my sole intention prominent; to help people de-stress and become more in tune with their own vibrating frequency. I was elated, and on my way.

When I came across EFT – ‘Tapping’, and had another ‘ah ha’ moment of how I was going to orchestrate and tie all these healing aspects together, it reinforced the fact that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I became a certified EFT Practitioner.

The name of my Wellness Practice is
‘Your Thriving Rite’….I have found my niche. I am totally committed to energy healing, and my intent is to spread the word and reach as many people as I can; sharing, and honing this ability that we all possess. When we are able to find our own ‘CALM,’ on a regular basis, it is from this perspective that we enable ourselves to ‘Call All Life Magnificent’. 

Among other things ….It is through acceptance of all of our past (this includes large and small traumas, what happen years ago and those that happened yesterday), that we are able to find balance in every level of our lives. When we do, we flourish, we expand our intellect and our emotional IQ, we own our purpose in life, and we live our life with that purpose.  We find our internal JOY. It is a subjective state for everyone, and it is everyone’s individual rite.

I have always been drawn to energy modalities, holistic healing and living a natural way of life. The signs were all around me and they kept at me, weaving my tapestry until I finally was able to see all the pieces clearly.  I am now holding fast to devoting myself to stay on this path. I am honoring that understanding.  I believe we are all here to be loved, to give love, but mostly and essentially to love ourselves. With the understanding of this deliberate component of self-love we can live authentically…..and be all that we are meant to be.