Your Thriving Rite

 "Prior to working with Diane, I had done a little bit of EFT in groups and read a bit about it. I did not feel much effect from it. Diane inspired me to learn to do EFT for myself and then I had 3 sessions with her which were so powerful.

The circumstances of the session I most remember were that I was learning to become a coach and in a couple of days I was to have my very first session with a complete stranger who knew nothing about me or the coaching I was being trained in. I was, frankly, terrified and I knew that it would be very hard to coach from this energy of fear.

In one session with Diane we did many iterations of tapping with statements developing as we went along and my attitude changed to one of strength and calm. I reflected afterwards how Diane constantly asked me what came up in each round of tapping and I felt safe to tell her the truth each time.

These true thoughts and feelings which I told her, however random and seemingly unconnected, or sometimes shameful as I found them, were weaved skillfully into the next round of tapping so that the whole process was completely relevant to me and to where I was in my life at that moment.

Diane noted all my reactions including my yawning, which I myself knew to be a sign that the energy was moving. It was a very helpful and special session.

Just before my coaching session with my client, I felt again (in a much briefer way) the fear and was able to remember and say to myself a positive statement we had tapped on near the end of my session with Diane. My confidence and power returned and I had a successful session with my first client".     Melanie Lowdes, London

"I live in Colorado, so Diane and I meet via Skype. She is very knowledgeable and highly intuitive. She has the talent of getting to the heart of what I am dealing with, and knowing how to tap it out. She perseveres until I feel results, however stuck I had felt at the beginning of the session. She has also done meditation sessions with me, when she knew that is what I needed, and they have also been amazingly helpful. I highly recommend her services if you have anything holding you back that you need to push through. She will get you there"! 

  Cally Hanna, Superior Colorado

 "I a nutritionist who has great demands and deadlines".

 "Diane’s EFT technique can be very useful in helping people dealing with anxiety and stress. She did a taping guidance over me via Skype and showed me how to utilize the tapping technique to manage the stress at the time I needed some help. After half an hour of tapping on different parts of the body, I did feet better. Her tapping guidance did help me relax and reduce my stress level. I would highly recommend people to consider trying her technique, as stress is almost an essential part of our modern day life".

Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D.

East Bay, California



 "My daughter has been afraid to stay home alone at night since she was young.  I thought she would grow out of it but at 15 she still did not want to be left home by herself.  If her brother or a friend was over she was fine but without company, I could not leave the house.  I had heard about EFT Tapping and found lots of You Tube videos online.  Although I had my daughter watch them and practice the exercises, nothing was changing.  She was still not willing to stay home alone.  I was baffled.  Why wasn’t it working?
I believe there are no coincidences in life and meeting Diane at a business-networking event was one more example of that.   Normally I scoot out right after the speaker.   This time, as I was grabbing a bagel before heading out the door, Diane and I started talking at the food table.  As soon as she told me what she did, I had to hear more. OMG, EFT?!  I didn’t know there was anyone on Long Island that did that.  During our brief conversation, she explained that the best results come when there is an exchange of energy.  That could explain why my daughter was not finding comfort with EFT on her own.
I immediately scheduled a session with Diane, for my daughter.Diane came to our house   She spent close to an hour with my daughter.  At the end of the session, Diane allowed me to join them in closing with a meditation she wrote.  It was beautiful.  She made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  With our eyes closed, my daughter and I listened to her speak slowly with soft music playing in the background.  A little bell sounded at different points which made it interesting and peaceful. 

Diane suggested doing another session but my daughter’s social calendar was booked solid.  We decided to hope for the best with one only one session.

I am thrilled to report that I have been able to go out at night and my daughter is home alone.  I get no frantic phone calls and the best part is that my daughter is sleeping soundly when I return.  That is a huge improvement over what I used to come home to which was she lying in bed exhausted but awake with the phone off the cradle next to her as she waited anxiously for me to return.

My gratitude and delight goes to Diane for her incredible and effective work.

Thank you Diane.  You changed my life"!     C
hris Chancy, Northport New York