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EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques,also commonly known as ‘Tapping’, can be thought of as being an ‘emotional version’ of acupuncture without the use of needles. It is truly a revolutionary process for healing our emotions. And it works.

The basic principle is that our bodies run on energy and this energy runs through our bodies on predictable pathways called meridians. When any of these pathways get blocked, the body will manifest symptoms.

Examples of some common symptoms can be:

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, angry, experiencing a headache, back pain or knee pain. (The list is literally endless)

Blockages can come from traumas we have experienced any time through our lives; from childhood to the present. Traumas can (or may not) manifest into physical pain.

The genius of EFT is:

You can pull up what bothers you and turn it off on purpose.
You can do it with focus and intention using a series of touches and taps.
It’s painless and results can often be immediate, and, generally permanent.
And the beauty of all this is we do not have to believe it, for it to work; but being open to the possibility will serve us well.

The Chinese have been using acupuncture for over 2,000 years to help remove these energy blocks. The phenomenal thing about this is we all have the capability to apply this technique to ourselves, or with the help of an EFT Practitioner… and no needles are necessary. When we ‘tap’ we actually tap on the endpoints of these pathways in our body, and as we set our intention on the specifics of our own individual circumstances, those we want to reconcile, we can come to a place of relief. This process is done in rounds and varies person to person. By practicing this method of self-healing, one can experience many different forms of a release.

We all have the ability to clear these energy pathways and take ourselves into alignment emotionally and physically. When we clear out these blockages we can heal ourselves and live more productive lives.



*Anxiety *Stress *Anger *Pain – emotional and physical *Chronic Illness *Depression *Worry

*Weight Loss *Self Sabotage *Insomnia *Your Relationship Issues *Focus *Productivity *PTSD

*Confidence *Phobias *Arthritis *Manifestation *Helping Children to Have Happier and More

Fulfilling Childhoods….(just to name a few).