Corporate Presentations

Corporate Presentations

Corporate Presentations are 90 minutes.

Creating good energy in the work place lends itself to happier employees working together as a team. Focus and productivity go hand in hand to create the enhancement of harmony. By addressing the individual needs of employees, or the needs of the employees as a group, the work place atmosphere becomes happier, lighter, a place where everyone feels comfortable and productive.  EFT can be used as an amazing “go to” practice when conflicts or dis-ease presents itself.

A meeting with the CEO or designated person is set in place to determine the specific topics to be covered in this EFT presentation based on the perceived needs of the employees.

In a Corporate setting employees will:
  • Learn the basic Tapping Points (Meridian Endpoints), and leave knowing how to utilize EFT for themselves
  • Three rounds of interactive “Tapping” will be experienced. Participants are urged to work on an issue that has been occupying their focus, which is causing “Stress, Anxiety or Tension,” or an issue on the specific topic(s) planned.
  • Instructional Guideline Handouts will be distributed and reviewed.
  • Q&A

Issues Addressed





Increasing Sales




Deadline Pressures


 Disharmony Among Colleagues


And More…